Design Inspiration

I’ve found a few photos on the internet over the years, and instead of brushing them off as something cool, and just kept browsing, i’ve saved them into a file for future inspiration. I also have 2 full, jam packed binders of photos i’ve ripped from magazines that I can use for inspiration when I’m looking for new ideas. But from my internet collection, I’d like to share a few with you…

Parisian Apartment
Sunlit Hallway
Open Kitchen
Bright Kitchen
Cool Headboard
Dark Kitchen Cabinets
Paris Apartment
Anton Photograph
Anton Photo from Flickr
The Drawing Room
My Dream House- From “Practical Magic”
The “Practical Magic” Kitchen
The “Practical Magic” Kitchen
Peacock Wallpaper

So there’s a few things that bring me inspiration! I hope you can find and compile your own, it’s a great reference when you have “writer’s block” of being a designer, or just need a little boost in creativity. Happy Designing!


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