I Bet You Didn’t Think of That…

So in my article searching, I came across one about “New Uses For Old Things” and compiled the COOLEST ideas for things you can do with stuff you have laying around. (Most involve cleaning… get ready to break out the elbow grease)

  1. Use Lemons to whiten your fingernail tips by rubbing a lemon wedge on your nails or to brighten your laundry whites by adding 1/2 cup of lemon juice to your wash cycle. You can also keep your apples from getting brown after cutting them by using a little lemon juice.
  2. Use Baking Soda to unclog a drain by pouring 1/2 cup down followed by 1/2 cup vinegar 5 minutes later. YOu can also scrub pans, brush teeth, deodorize, and clean a grease spill.
  3. You can use a Dryer Sheet to freshen your stinky shoes by placing them inside, clean pet hair off furniture, and to dust wood furniture. You can also keep your clothes smelling fresh by putting them inside of your dresser drawers.
  4. Use Newspaper to wrap around tomatoes to ripen them. You can also use it to clean a window instead of a paper towel, and wrap a gift.
  5. White Vinegar is an amazing all natural cleaning product. You can use it to remove coffee and tea stains from a cup, deodorize a garbage disposal (drop some orange peels down there while your are at it too), remove sticky price tag stickers, and kill weeds in your sidewalk cracks.  We are about to try to use it to clean a water fountain in the house with mineral spots.
  6. Coffee Filters can be used to diffuse a flash on a camera, strain the broken cork from a wine bottle, keep leftovers from splashing into your microwave, clean glass (use instead of a paper towel) and act as a little bendy plate for pitas and popcorn.
  7. You can use Salt to melt ice outside, remove red wine from washable items, and chill ice for wine faster (place ice around the wine bottle, sprinkle with a few tablespoons of salt, and layer with more ice. Fill chiller with water. Wait 10 minutes, serve.)
  8. Ahh. I love Velcro. Especially double sided sticky velcro. Some of it’s (many) uses are to hang art on a wall, keep a rug in place, keep track of your TV remote, keep your dining chair cushions in place, and keep a picnic table from flying away with your goodies.
  9. Olive oil isn’t just for cooking… You can use it to shine stainless steel, remove eye makeup in a pinch, moisturize cuticles, dust wood furniture, keep the lid of honey from sticking, and keep a squeaky door quiet.
  10. Ziplock Bags are one of my favorite things. I use them to pipe colored frosting onto a cake by cutting the corner off of the bag. I do the same with transporting peanut butter for crackers and sandwiches, and dispensing it through the corner of the baggie. You can also break up crackers for crumbs cleanly, break ice, and keep your makeup and squirt tubes of toiletries safe while traveling.
  11. You can use a Garden Hose Holder that has a crank handle on it to keep your christmas lights in check. Who really wants to untangle those things every year anyways?

There you have it! Some great tips on new uses for household items! I hope you use wisely, and I hope they help you like they helped me!


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