European Home Inspirations From Craigslist

If there ever wasn’t a reason to love Paris and Italy from afar, aside from the food, the movies, the romantic music and the way of life… it’s the design. One of my favorite things to do, when I find myself browsing the web is to go onto Craigslist, look up apartments with photos in Paris, (tiny and elegant), and Italy (rustic and elegant…) and shop around. I love to see how people in these countries decorate their tiny apartments with the coolest accessories, fabrics, furniture and best of all, the most spectacular views. They manage to take a 400 Square Foot apartment with a washer and dryer in the kitchen where the dishwasher should be with a 2 burner stovetop and a bathroom with hardly any standing room, and make it look comfortable and livable. Maybe it’s the loft beds, the straight lines, the crisp feel or maybe it’s just that they have a very “less is more” mentality. Here’s some of my favorite Craigslist finds…

Hallway in Paris

I like this small hallway, small kitchen that has just what it needs, and cool chandelier.

White Kitchen

I like the crisp white kitchen with the neat little patio outside.

Italian Kitchen

I like how there’s a fireplace in this Italian kitchen.

Italian Loft Apartment

Small loft, crisp modern colors, and a wood floor. I’m guessing there are many like this in a unit, and it’s probably still very expensive. (I didn’t see the price, just the picture)

Italian Villa

I love how in most Italian “Villa” style apartments and homes the walls were washed with a golden yellow color, beams on the ceiling, and stone floors.

The View!

If I rented the apartment with this view… I would be in European heaven!

All in all the apartments in some of these European countries were tiny, cramped, and neatly styled. I guess you’d spend less money on the decorations, and prepare to get really comfortable with any flat mate you choose. I’d take it!


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