The Lampshade Garden

So, growing up I never really had a home. I moved about 30 times total by graduation. (Of High School) But there was always one place I liked to call home. My best friend from middle school’s mom’s house. I recently lived there for the last year before moving in with my boyfriend, and call the back porch one of my favorite places on earth. Shari’s house is my safe haven, and her sense for creative decorating is uncanny and awesome. One of my favorite things about the back porch is the lampshade garden. It’s a collection of antique glass lampshades, placed in the ground with a string of light bulbs underneath. I hope that when I have a home of my own I can collect lampshades and have a little area of my own.

The Patio

This picture was taken a few years ago when Shari had red christmas lights up around the built in patio. There is a lower patio/deck and there is also a little upper patio that she had built in on top of a set of antique wagon wheels.


This is just a small portion of the lampshades in the Lampshade Garden.

Shadows on the Garage

I took this photo on the back porch of the shadows of some neat antiques on the garage.

Garden Inhabitants

Next to the Lampshades, is the Gnomes. They live in the trees. Living in an apartment right now I don’t really have the kind of creative license I would if I lived in a house. But someday, I will. And there will be Gnomes.



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