The Abandoned Dresser- Part 2

With a light breeze and warm sun, I thought today would be a great day to give the old abandoned dresser a  facelift. My boyfriend had found this by a dumpster just a few weeks prior. You can see that post here. It was coated, heavily in black gloss spray paint. I own a palm sander, had a bunch of sandpaper, some left over paint, so I was good to go.

The dresser before… in it’s glossy glory.

During the sanding process. 

I knew that there was SO MUCH spray paint on the dresser that I would go through a ton of sandpaper, and I was right. Every now and then the spray paint would even melt from the heat of the palm sander, and get all gunky and smear instead of sand off.

After a few coats of white cabinet paint. I LOVE and vouch for Sherwin Williams Pro Classic. Best and smoothest cabinet paint ever. 

Lucky for me the paint dried so fast once I started painting it that I could do a second coat almost right away. I had a quart of trim and cabinet paint left over from probably 4 years ago. But i’ve taken care of it (never letting it freeze) and with a little stir, it worked just fine. Now I use the dresser for t-shirts and tank tops, it’s a perfect little thing.

Happy sanding!


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