The Abandoned Dresser

The other week my boyfriend told me he had something to show me when I got home from work. When he led me to the garbage room at our apartment building, I was a little confused… then I saw this dresser, and was still confused. He knows that I like to take things that can be made anew, and freshen them up, and asked me if I thought I could use this dresser. I will do my best! It’s very strange for many reasons:

  1. It’s spray painted black.
  2. It’s got somewhat new looking knobs on it.
  3. It’s uneven on the sides like it’s been chopped off of a larger dresser unit, it’s hard to understand why it looks the way it does.
  4. It’s got an outlet on the side of it… that works. It does however look like it’s from the 1970’s and i’m afraid i’ll end up with a black burn mark on the wall if I use it.

The plan is as such, to take it outside, remove the knobs, sand, prime, and paint it white. I’ll line the drawers with some wallpaper scraps I have and it’ll be good as new! I’ll post after pics when it’s all done! Until then, i’m just left to wonder where this odd piece of furniture came from…

Dresser shot 1
Dresser shot 2

It’s hard to tell, but the top side is flat on one side, and has molding on the other side…

Dresser Shot 3

A picture of the odd outlet attached to the side of the dresser… See the rest of the Re-Fab here. 


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