Starting From Scratch

So this is my first blog ever, and will use it to introduce myself. I should say hello! I’m a recent graduate From the Madison Area Technical College with my degree in Interior Design. I’m starting this blog to share with the world many things. One would be all of the tips and tricks that i’ve learned growing up a thrifty girl. I’ve learned many things in my life thus far about where to shop to save money, local bargains, crafting and being creative, cooking, and being earth friendly. Another thing i’m here to share is my art and projects. I love to paint, sew, take photographs, and would like a place to display them. What better place then here?  And i’m also here to share in my designs, design inspirations, and services. Enjoy, and feel free to ask questions along the way!


One thought on “Starting From Scratch

  1. Good for you, i’m looking forward to it! 🙂 Don’t forget about UW swap. Laptops for $125, nice ones too.

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