So I’m an avid collector of magazines… I literally have hundreds. (My boyfriend can vouch for that.) So, in an effort to get rid of stacks of my magazines, I’ve gone through them and ripped out the articles I thought were the most useful, filed them away per category, and donated or recycled the rest. This is where most of my tips come from. This time, I’ll give you tips on some of the freebies that are out there that you can benefit from.

  • Free Learning: The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offers free online classes if you are interested. MIT. Sorry, no learning how to break Vegas.
  • Free Language: The BBC and Itunes can teach you another language, for free! Just download free podcasts and you’re good to go! Check out BBC Languages or French Pod Classes to get learning!
  • Free Classes: Free Business Classes are offered through the Small Business Administration, check out to get started.
  • Free workouts: Many Gyms offer Free trial memberships, all you have to do is call and ask.

Sweat it out, for free!

  • Free Photos: You can get as many as 50 free pictures when you sign up to some of these photo services. Adorama, Dot Photo, Kodak, and Snapfish are just a few. You do have to pay for shipping…
  • Free “I’m Popular”: Have a number call you to make it seem like you’re popular. You can choose from a variety of conversations that “take place” while you are in a meeting or at lunch with a friend. Just check out Popularity Dialer to get started. And hey, not a bad way to opt out of a bad date.
  • Free Ice Cream: If you are in an area with Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, April 17th is free ice cream day. And yes, it’s all you can eat.

Who doesn’t want free ice cream? (Or for you lactose intolerant, sherbet?)

  • Free Media: Yep, you guessed it. You can go to the library to borrow books for free. But if you want to keep them all to yourself, you can partake in a trade. go to paperback swap  for books, or title trader to swap DVD’s,  CD’s, and VHS tapes. (Yep, some people still own a VCR.)
  • Free Phone Calls: Using a program like Skype, or Qik for android phones (available on some phones and most computers) you can make long distance phone calls and video chat for FREE. Take that calling cards.
  • Free Stuff: Sites like are non-profit communities that let users “recycle” their items by posting ads to a bulletin board.
  • Free Test Products: lets you “test” products  for free, like cleaning products, books, and toiletries.
  • Free Samples: Kiehl’s hands out samples of every product it sells. If you like beauty products (and I know I do) you can call them (800-543-4572) and request up to 3 samples. Oil of Olay will also give away small samples of its new products. Sephora will also give free samples of many products the store carries. Just ask a friendly sales person when you are in the store.
  • Comic Books For comic book geeks out there, this is a real treat. At the beginning of May you can head into your local comic book retailer and pick up some free comics. The titles range from Spiderman to Gumby, but with almost 30 different titles there should be at least something that you can enjoy for the summer.

They want you to take them home!

  • Legal Music Not all music available for download online is illegal, though you do have to be careful about what you choose. Many artists contribute songs intended for free download so that they can expand their audience. Check out this list of sites that offer free music.
  • Free Coffee Your morning pick-me-up can be a little cheaper at least a few days a year by taking advantage of free coffee. Starbucks sponsors the Starbucks Coffee Break on March 15th, when they offer free coffee between 10-12 am. If you’re lucky and Starbucks is generous, pastries may be available for sampling as well. (Doesn’t hurt to ask!)

Delicious. Bring your own mug to be earth friendly.

  • Free Stuff Websites: You can also find many free things on the internet, just browse around and make sure it’s legit before giving your name or personal info away to anyone. Hit up your local Craigslist site to find TONS of free stuff from firewood, furniture, entertainment centers, swimming pools, pets… the list is never-ending.
  • Free Furniture/ Home Goods: “Hippy Christmas” Ok. This isn’t the LEGIT name of this holiday, but on August 14-16 around the Madison campus area, and many other University campus’, the college kids are moving out, and then moving back in, and leaving stuff on the curbs that they don’t want to/ can’t take with them. It’s all first come, first serve. Look for book shelves, rolled up rugs, luggage, books, beer lights, and many other clean-able goodies.
  • Free Entertainment: Many cities have free shows, concerts, food samples, and other good times that you may not be aware of. Check your local city’s web site’s “events” board online to see what your town has to offer. Free concert in the park/ movie showing at the library? Ok!

Bring a picnic, some wine, and a date, and you’re good to go!

(Most of the info was gained from an article in the March 2007 issue of Real Simple Magazine. I was going to re post it, but sadly couldn’t find the archive…) Happy Free Stuff!


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