Day 8: London to Paris

London Loft 3

Good Morning and Good Bye London!

Day 8 was here, the day I’d been looking forward to this whole trip. If Scotland was the appetizer, London was the main course, and Paris was the dessert. We packed our bags and readied ourselves for the train ride to Paris!

Super happy in the station, very happy on the train, and a little nervous on the train. The tunnel we were on went UNDER WATER. Yeah. So a little scary.  Once arriving at the train station, it was up to us to navigate our way to the loft, via another train. This train was small, HOT, and nothing like the crisp clean Underground in London. But we made it! And it was a short walk to the loft, thanks to some keen map skills via Reanna.

paris 15

The neighborhood we stayed in was just blocks from Paris art culture.

Paris Loft 2

The lovely and welcoming door knocker.

paris Loft 3

Only 5 more flights of stairs… no elevator. I for SURE got my workout on the trip.

Paris Loft 4

Paris Loft 5

Our cute little loft apartment! Sure there was no breeze on a 95 degree day on the 5th floor and we literally STUCK to the sheets but we were in PARIS.

paris 17 pizza

Adventure #1 after putting our bags down, dinner! We followed our noses to a pizza place on the Sienne called Mamalinas. I know, PIZZA in Paris?! It was so worth it!

Paris 1

paris 18

paris 4paris 3

We walked around the neighborhood to explore and wanted to go the Church where Owen Wilson gets picked up in Midnight in Paris. That was our destination for the evening!

paris 6Paris 5paris 7paris 11

The Louvre! That was a trip for another day.

Paris 12Paris 23

We wanted to tour the Pantheon but it was sadly closed. We took plenty of pics from the outside. The shade felt AMAZING. Who knew the heat of summer hits Paris in late August? Not us, the people from Wisconsin who never know what to expect, weather-wise.

Paris 8

paris 14

We made it! The church, St Etienne, in Paris, where Owen Wilson takes a ride to the past in a mystery car and meets his literary and artistic idols.

paris 13paris 14paris 16

The street where the car picks up “Gil”.  I swear I was just as interested in pop culture references in Paris as the food and architecture.

Paris 2paris 19

After deciding against the Catacombs for the evening due to exhaustion and the fact that they closed…. we hit up a local vendor for a Nutella Crepe and called it a night.

paris 21paris 20Paris 25

Dennis ventured out for some night photos while I got some much-needed sleep! Goodnight Paris, we haven’t been here yet a full day and I love you already!


Day 7: London

20160824_091728Day 7: London! In the voice of Joey Tribianni, “London Baby!” Today was the day the trip was planned in the first place, to go see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at the Palace Theater! It was a WHOLE DAY event, but well worth the money and the entertainment. The play was a 2 part play, from 1:00-4:00, then intermission, then 7:00-10:00, and the tickets were about $200 each.

Before going to see the play, we went back to St. Paul’s Cathedral, since we missed their opening hours the day before.

Tube 1

On our way via the London Underground!

St_Pauls Gallery

Once inside, we learn about this room called “The Whispering Gallery” and let me tell you, IT WORKED. You’re supposed to be able to whisper along the wall and talk to someone straight across from you, and by golly science, it was awesome.

St Paul's 4

We did these self-guided tours (see awesome headphones to go with the tour.) We also decided to walk ALL THE WAY UP. It only fit a handful of people at a time, hence the photo bomber. But the view was amazing!

St Paul's 2

A view from the top!

St Paul's 6St Paul's 5St Paul's 3St Paul's 7

SO SO SO many stairs to the top!

Palace 5

Luckily for us, the Palace Theater was walking distance to our loft (that was on purpose) in the Soho Neighborhood. There were SO MANY people just walking around, and so many theaters in this neighborhood! The Palace was one of the oldest, and with amazing character. We had to wait in a line to check in, then a line to GET in.

Palace 3

Palace 7

Palace 4

I took a cheeseball selfie to send to a friend after I was asked if I had survived the earthquakes. Which were not even in London that day, but in Italy.

Palace 1

The theater! My seat was the third row from the front, on the wayyyyy end of the row. I crooked my neck over a 10 year old girl to see what was happening on the stage for the whole play but I don’t think she cared.


Intermission dinner across the street! It was pretty good! And we sat next to an Australian traveler and exchanged a few stories of our visit, which made the trip even better.


A photo I nabbed off of WIRED from the play. Front and center you see Harry, Ginny, and their son who just can NOT understand how he got into the Slytherin house. The acting was AMAZING, the special effects were just jaw-dropping, and it was hard to believe it was happening in front of your eyes. There were underwater scenes, dementors, rolling bookcases that ate people, fireplaces that sucked up wizards, and moving trains. I MEAN. Even if you don’t agree with the fan-fiction it was visually stunning.

Palace 2

The stage after the show, the only time they let us take photos were before, intermission, and after the play.

Palace 6

The sign reads” Palace Theater Stage Entrance. The world’s greatest artists have passed and will pass through these doors.” And this was where we waited after the play to see if an actor or two would come out.

London Loft 1

And at the end of the night, we travel back to the loft, and up the 5 flights of stairs to get some much needed rest.



Europe Day 6: London

Day 6 was considered “The day of 30,000 steps”. We walked and walked and walked… I’m really glad that I trained to run and worked out a LOT before this trip so I could have the endurance to do all this walking or I wouldn’t have lasted. We woke up and after being BEYOND happy I found a Whole Foods we went to grab some much-needed fuel and headed to a local park to sit, eat, and admire the statues.

My yellow grocery bag I brought from home because it rolled up into my purse. Not tacky at all. Nope.

The most adorable park. It had built in ping pong tables, come on. So cool. I ate my yogurt and granola on a park bench, Dennis took photos of statues and we headed back to the loft to drop off food, and continue our journey.

We saw a lot of these “BFG Dream Jars” all over London, turns out they were art installments that were then sold off for Children’s Charity.

Next, we walked through the Soho neighborhood to do a little shopping while Dennis “went to a museum”. Well, Reanna and I didn’t know he was going to the Brittish Museum to see the FREAKING Rosetta Stone and ancient Egyptian artifacts or I wouldn’t have gone souvenir shopping and went with him! But we found some fun fabric and had a good time regardless.

The most adorable fabric shop, the Cloth House.

Next stop was the National Gallery to see some art! If you want hundreds of oversized biblical paintings, this is THE place to go. I kid, they had hundreds of other non-biblical paintings too.

Art 4

A girl spin-dancing in a circle outside of the National Gallery.




The National Gallery very much fulfilled my childhood artist by being able to see some Van Gogh. IN REAL LIFE. Like the things you only see in books and slideshows and I got to see the globs of paint and brushstrokes and I was totally fangirling over this painter.

Pinch me, it’s the Sunflowers.

Other artists to be admired.

London 4London 2London 7

We then walked to St. Paul’s Cathedral as they were closing and agreed to come back the next day, since I wanted a church tour and thinking this was the church from the end of The Da Vinci Code (it was not) I wanted to see the inside.

St Paul's

A statue outside of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

London 9London 8

While we walked back across the bridge (the one that gets destroyed in Harry Potter, no big deal) we saw a street performer playing the song “Roxanne” OF ALL SONGS. I KNOW! We stopped to admire him and let him know he was playing to an actual Roxanne.

London 10

A very amusing bubble maker.

We were going to take the London Eye for a spin but the line was WAY too long for our comfort, and we were getting hangry, so we decided to walk back to Soho to find some dinner.

White Horse

We stopped at the White Horse for some fish and chips and organic fruit beer. I tell you what, it hit the spot! AND our day wasn’t even over.

White Horse 4

A street view from the second floor of the White Horse.

White Horse 3


White Horse 2

After dinner, since my legs weren’t begging me into a submissive state, we wandered into a Whisky bar that Dennis had found on a travel app. This is how he found all the best espresso in Europe! This little gem was called Milroy’s of London, and they were the most fun! There was a secret basement bar called “The Vault” that was located behind a freaking BOOKCASE. No Joke. Go there. You’re welcome.

Milroy's 2

Whisky for DAYS.

Milroy's 1

A light behind the bookcase…

London Milroy's

Milroy's 3

Secret Bar Entrance!

And that’s a wrap on Day 6! We went back to the loft, up 5 flights of stairs, adding another 300 or so steps onto my 30,480 and I was off to sleep REAL quick.

Europe Day 5: Edinburgh – London

Where were we?! I have 6 more days of this trip left to blog about! We woke up at our loft in Edinburgh and our lovely hosts made us breakfast and offered to drive us to the train station.

A view from the loft window into the backyard.

We waited for our train, got some stickers at the Paperchase store (love) and were on our way to London! Once in London we arrived at the train station and took the Underground to our destination off of Picadilly Circle.


Kings Cross Station!

Kings 4

Of COURSE, we went to the Platform 9 3/4! Which is actually not located ON the train platform, but in the atrium of the train station, by the Harry Potter gift store.

I made my travel partners climb THOSE stairs up from the London Underground. I was feeling ambitious! We walked to our loft, on the top of the 5th floor of a building in Soho, above a small convenient store, dropped off our things, changed, and went walking around!


The back of the loft had an amazing view!

London 2

London 1

London 8

London 16

London Loft 2

This was the view out of the window of my loft bedroom. I mean COME ON. Love.

London Loft 1

London 15

With a special social network connection my travel partner had, we were able to locate a super secret underground bar called “Cahoots” located in an old subway station. It was like walking into a time machine, the cocktail servers were all dressed like it was the 1940’s, and the drinks were all old timey, served in super cute cups.

Cahoots 1

The drink menu looked like an old newspaper.


Cahoots 3Cahoots 2London Cahoots 2

My drink came in this cup!

Next, we went back to the loft, changed again, and went for dinner and a walk by the Parlament.

London 4London 11

Taking a photo of this lovely curved street!

London 14

The lovely curved street!

London 6

London 7

London 13


We found the Sherlock Holmes bar! Not the museum, not 22b Baker Street (which was WAY across town) but they had a mini-museum and some great beers on tap.

Sherlock 2

Yalla Yalla 2

We had dinner at Yalla Yalla, a Burmese restaurant in Soho, and the food was amazing.

While walking around the Parliment, and looking into the great, many carvings, I touched the building and had a moment. This wasn’t a photo or a video that someone was showing me, this was real. This was a real life building, and I was here in London! So I gave the building a hug, which made me happy.

Snog 2

We ended our night with Frozen Yogurt at “Snog” which was on the same street as our loft and climbed the 5 flights of stairs to our room for much needed sleep.

Snog 4

Next, more of London!

Europe Day 4: Edinburgh

Day 4 of our European Adventure! We woke up at the flat we shared with an extremely nice English family and got ready for our outing. We started with Espresso (clearly) at the Brew Lab in Edinburgh and headed towards the middle of town.

The Brew Lab: I loved the periodic menu.

Next, a walk around town and a trip to the Art Museum. We saw an amazing impressionist display by Van Gogh, Daubigny, and Monet.



Layers and layers of paint.



The museum! This was a must.


Outside of the museum. We would have taken more photos inside, but… we were not allowed. Dang security! We then wandered around a bit, before going to the Castle for a tour.


Processed with MOLDIV

Amazing pizza for lunch, street performers, coffee artists, and alley graffiti.

Edin 1Edin 2Edin 4Edin 6

Next was the Edinburgh Castle tour. What a monumental and historic place to go! I mean, Mary, Queen of Scots gave birth here…

Castle 2castle-3.jpg

Pretty sure we are standing in the arena where they had jousting battles.

Castle 7

To quote Hermione Granger via Harry Potter 3: “Is that what my hair looks like from behind?” Didn’t realize I was so curly!

Castle 10

Scottie dog cookies in the Castle Cafe.

Castle 1

The famous IRN BRU. It tastes like orange soda had a baby with bubble gum. Still don’t get why Scotland is so obsessed with this drink. It’s the number one soda in Scotland and considered “Scotland’s other national beverage” aside from Whiskey.

After the castle, we HAD to do the Scotch Whisky Experience. We read about it before we went there, and it did not disappoint! It was like a theme park ride, with barrel cars you got into, and you got a guided tour from a “ghost” teaching you all about how whiskey is made.

whisky ghost

Our ghost tour guide! He showed up to teach us all about whiskey.

scotch whisky

In the tasting room!

Scotch 1

Our scratch and sniff cards. Yes, I kept mine. Yes, it still smells great. (Bring me that Speyside!)

Scotch 5

The room of 3000+ whiskey bottles!

Scotch 7

Scotch 4

We left the Scotch Whisky Experience feeling great (for obvious reasons) and headed to find some food to fill our newly boozed stomachs.


I don’t smoke. But Sean Connery is my vote.

Last Drop 1

Dinner at the Last Drop was amazing, and this place was not named for the last drop in the bottle, but the last public hanging site in this neighborhood… Needless to say, this place was haunted.

Last, but NOT least, we found a Big Lebowski’s themed bar! An entire menu of White Russians, American music, and Lebowski art, YES.

GOODNIGHT Edinburgh!

Processed with MOLDIV

A little window display we passed on the way back to the flat for a good night’s sleep!

Europe Day 3: Scotland, Edinburgh

Day 3! We woke up in Aviemore and drove to the Cairngorm Mountians for a little more hiking, which was really just like walking on a big open trail. No trees, no hills, no steep climbs or scary rock edges.

Caringorms 4Caringorms 8After we left the Cairngorms we drove to Aviemore to an ADORABLE village where we stopped for lunch at the Mountian Cafe. We had no idea what we were in store for, but the food was beyond amazing, delicious, fresh, and the pastry selection would make anyone drool.

This cafe was having a “name our cookbook” contest. I put my slip in, for a name, and totally forgot about it. Then I was searching for a wedding present 11 months later for my friends that got engaged in Scotland and went to see if the cookbook existed yet, and it did! They got “The Mountian Cafe Cookbook, a Kiwi in the Cairngorms” for their wedding and were thrilled, since they too, forgot about the cookbook.

After lunch, we were off on our way to Edinburgh! We found our loft where we rented a room in a very generous English family’s house and then went off on a street adventure.

Edin Street

As beautiful as Edinburgh is, it was beyond crowded for the Fringe festival, and really needed a good pressure washing.

Edin Street 5Edin Street 3Edinburgh 1

Edin 5

Edin 2

One of our first stops was to “The Black Cat”, a Whisky bar suggested to us by our water at the Red Skye restaurant in Skye.

Our first Whisky in Scotland! Next, we went to a place called “Dirty Dick’s” for dinner. We mostly picked it due to its humorous signs outside and the fact that they had a deep fried Mars Bar. Which happened to be a big thing in Scotland.

Edin Dirty 1

Processed with MOLDIV
Genius Marketing at Dirty Dick’s.

Edin Dirty 5Edin Dirty 8Edin Dirty 9Edin Dirty 10

We then walked around a bit, came across the Elephant House, a cafe where J.K. Rowling wrote parts of Harry Potter!

I did not go in since the crowd was HUGE and there was a fee for people just walking in… So Reanna walked right in, ducking into an Asian tourist group, and took photos of the graffiti in the bathroom.

Edin 9

We rubbed the nose of the Grayfriar’s Bobby, the statue of the loyal dog on our way back to the loft for the end of night 1 in Edinburgh, day 3 of the trip.

Europe Day 2: Scotland

We woke up actually pretty alert for a melatonin induces sleep and started our day ready to go! We took turns showering in the TINY bathroom/shower combo room and packed up our bags. We went across the water from the Cowshed Boutique and grabbed some coffee and after a rude interaction with a local bakery owner (who kicked us out for having someone ELSE’S coffee in hand, when he didn’t open for another 20 minutes as he explained when we ran into him outside so we decided to go get our coffee at the Isle of Skye Brewing Company and come back for his pastries, and we didn’t even end up with his delicious looking baked goods since he told us to leave…), well, once all that happened, we were ready for the day.

Scot Dog

A real Scottie dog, in Scotland!

Stop #1 in the itinerary was the Fairy Glenn. Again, a place with NO Fairy history or lore, just a cool looking natural formation. My travel mates got engaged at the top on this trip!

We then headed to Duntulm Castle, a super haunted crumbling structure in the Trottenrish, near the Isle of Skye. It was very windy and very steep to the bottom to get a good look, so we didn’t stay long before heading to the Quiraing for some hiking.

Quiraing 4Quiraing 5Quiraing 13Quiraing 10Quiraing 9Quiraing 7Quiraing 6

Thank GOODNESS our travel companion Dennis was a professional photographer and took some amazing shots of our adventures!

After hiking, we drove towards Aviemore to get some food and find our AirBnb and HAD to pit stop in Loch Ness. We did not see Nessie, but we saw a LOT of tourist gift shops.

Aviemore 4Aviemore Phoenix

We found a great pub called “The Ashes of the Phoenix” to get some much-needed dinner of Haggus Pot Pie and beer (and it was good!) We headed to Inverness to get some sleep.

Aviemore 3Aviemore 1

My adorable Scottish room! The wallpaper was little deer that were wood grained. I want it. Tomorrow: Day 3 and the drive to Edinburgh. Happy Travels!